Page 23

G J1 J2 J1-F J1-B J2-F J2-B
G9 6 7 G11-12 G6 G11-12 G7
G10 7 8 G12-1 G7 G12-1 G8
G11 8 9 G1-2 G8 G1-2 G9
G12 9 10 G2-4 G9 G2-4 G10
G1 10 11 G4-5 G10 G4-5 G11
G2 11 12 G5-6 G11 G5-6 G12
G3 12 12 G6-7 G12 G6-7 G12
G4 12 1 G7-8 G12 G7-8 G1
G5 1 2 G8-9 G1 G8-9 G2
G6 2 3 G9-10 G2 G9-10 G3
G7 3 4 G10-11 G3 G10-11 G4
G8 4 5 G11-12 G4 G11-12 G5
G9 5 6 G12-1 G5 G12-1 G6
G10 6 7 G1-2 G6 G1-2 G7
G11 7 8 G2-3 G7 G2-3 G8
G12 8 9 G3-4 G8 G3-4 G9

Note: #10-12 “demonstration” only of the equalize methods

Both months are equalized when they have the same identical month, for instance, September/ Elul at 6:00 is equal to June/ Sivan at 3:00 because both consist of the sixth month. Now we can see that at the time of September is also June/ Sivan. This calculation must only be done with Gregorian and Jewish calendars together. When there is a number, for example, G2, then refer to G2’s entire row that is equalized.