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Counting from September 23rd, 2015 to November 11th, 2015 was exactly 50 days, proving that this day was linked to the Pentecostal number 7777 through 11/11. September 22-23, 2015 was Yom Kippur; the day of atonement—the reconciliation between God and mankind through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Yom Kippur is the Sabbath of Sabbaths; the holiest day of the year where no work is allowed to be performed. It is a day closest to God to be forgiven of our sins through repentance, purified of our hearts, and with the observance of a 25 hours of fasting, and intensive prayers. Sabbath is very significant in this context, because it is a day that is set-apart and uncommon, a day of rest, a day that is blessed, a day that is finished, a day that is sanctified, in which it is perfectly matching the day of transformation.

The number 1.23 is linked to the pregnancy number 276 that was mentioned in Acts 27:37, and the number of a great harvest of souls as 153. Since 123 + 153 = 276, and 40 weeks = 6720 hours to be read backwards in Hebrew’s way as 276. This is confirming 923 is September, because September is the beginning of months; Tishri that starts month 1 and September 23 = 23 Month 1 by Rosh Hashanah method. This is showing that September 23 is related to the time of the great soul harvest represented by 153 and a pregnancy marker. This will be further explained in the second secondary method: Passover and Pentecost boundary.

Knowing September 2-4, 2016 mirrors October 2-4, 2016 literally because both are the Rosh Hashanah timing, we get the 276 pregnancy number as October 6, 2016 confirmation as the start day of conception/pregnancy marker. September points to 9:00 forward a quadrant at 270°. Each hour consists of 30° representing the 30 days