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per month in average. 276 can be seen as 276° is exactly September 6th when we see 270-280 is September 1-10, 280-290 is September 10-20 and 290-300 is September 20-30. The number 276 is related to the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks.

In January 21-29, 2016, there was the Jonas storm in the US that occurred in late January; it was the marker for the sign of Jonah. September is back to January. The highest rainfall in Israel is a worldwide flood marker as it was raining the most. The highest rainfall in average from 1900-2012 is January of 78.7mm. September is back to January matching the highest rainfall. Also, November is back to August. August is January, because it consists of Sivan and Tammuz = March and April. During the time of March and April of 2015-2016 was Nissan; the beginning of months.

The Jonas storm back in January 21-29; the first day was Shevat 11 = 1111 = 7777. The snow represents salvation. This is connecting to the 29th when it was dissipated.

This is associated with the Genesis 9:23 as September 23rd. There are 3 different rhythms from this verse. But before that, let’s get into the vineyard content.

Genesis 9 is very profound. Noah was drunk with the wine of his vineyard, and vineyard is referring to grapes. The grape harvest is referring to the group of tribulation saints, because these left behind saints will be martyrs who will be shed of their blood, which the red color represents the wine. The grape harvest in Israel starts from June to September, and this is equal to the fall quadrant from September to December. This is pointing to the fall quadrant as the possible time of Great Tribulation that will commence with the Rapture.