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commandment, and Jesus is the Son of God; the second position in the Godhead hierarchy. Thus, March = Sivan is a core reference to be used. The hierarchy would be Tishri first, and Sivan with Tammuz, along with Av the second.

There were two major earthquakes in Nepal back in April 25th, 2015 and May 12th, 2015. Both dates landed on Lyar 6 and Lyar 23 matching 2015’s second Pentecost in June 23rd = September 23rd, 2016 forward a quadrant. The impact zones in order was pointing to California first, and New York the second when both Nepal (rotated) and America’s map are combined. The words “come away” were mentioned twice in Song of Solomon 2 in verse 10 and 13, whereas 10 + 13 = 23. Therefore, all the starting dates of the Pentecostal boundaries start on 23rd because of Kislev 25 as the official start date of Hanukkah, even though both months start on the 22nd. Both 22nd and 23rd dates are linked, because of Israel’s sunset to sunset setting. Song of Solomon 2:17 and 4:6 verses are identical; 2:17 + 4:6 = 6:23 confirms this.

September could be the possible time when CERN to hit California that will kick off the First Call, because Nepal was very much possibly hit by CERN that was operating at the same time Nepal was hit with the major earthquake. The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks will include both California and New York City. Nepal is a Hindu kingdom, and CERN’s got a Shiva statue in front of the headquarter. The idols and high places of this world will be shaken, since Hollywood is in California—the celebrities are falsely exalting themselves to be worshipped by this world, and this entertainment industry is polluting and corrupting the minds of the people worldwide, through their promotion of all kinds of wicked sins; pride, blasphemy, idle