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The number 23 is a number of redemption, because 2/3 of angels stayed in Heaven, and 1/3 fell from Heaven. The number 23 is going back to the Apple Tree in Genesis, and it was mentioned in Song of Solomon as well. It was the tree that started the fall, and therefore the end will echo back to the Apple Tree, as known as the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. There were two trees including the tree of life in the midst of the garden according to Genesis 2:9 was a Pi, because Jesus was nailed to the tree on a cross, and the cross looks like a “t”, and two t’s is the symbol TT. Therefore, the end will be associated with Pi. Pi starts with 3, and it is a woeful number, for it is an odd number. The meaning of “iniquity” means it is “not equal”. The letter T equals to 7, and it is related to Euler’s number.

The reason Pi is inclined to stay in the middle, not only the dual alphabetical system position Pi in the midst of the list, but also there was a reason that the bible was written in both Greek and Hebrew. If you ever own the Bible in its original language, the Greek’s new testament opens from the left hand side, and the Hebrew’s old testament opens from the right hand side. As you read the Greek until the end from left to right, you would land onto the middle of the Bible, and as you read the Hebrew until the end from right to left, you would also land onto the middle of the Bible. This is saying that Pi is the end of the end where Malachi meets Revelation.

To recap about August being a Pi month, because both Sivan and Tammuz are in August. Sivan and Tammuz belongs to June and July in the original Jewish calendar, and this number 67 is to be referenced from the dual alphabetical system, decoded as MN in its exploded form, with 13, 14 happening twice in its backward