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form is 3.141. It happens twice is backed up by e = 2.718281828459045. Psalm 18:28 is about Hanukkah’s transformation, for it mentioned of a “candle”.

August = November and September could very possibly be the end, and transformation months, because the ides of March is in March 15th every year. Counting 7 days preceding of this date is March 8-9, and forward would be March 21-22. The numbers 8-9 appear, and Revelation 22:21. The year 2015 is the ides of March, because it points to 15:00 and 3:00 at the same time.

This is further confirmed by 276 standing for pregnancy, because 40 weeks = 6720 hours reading backwards is 276. This is confirming Cheshvan; the second month from Rosh Hashanah is the pregnancy due month, and fall represented by the number 76, meaning from perfection as 7 to fallen state as 6.

The third confirmation for this is through 150 and 240 after 276. This is proving the mirroring of August to November as equal identity. August points to 150 degrees, and November points to 240 degrees on the clock. This is resembling the Sabbath commandment that started from verse 8 in Exodus 20, and verse 11 in Exodus 20.

The fourth confirmation is the combination of these numbers as 666 representing the Great Tribulation pointing to the month of November in 2016. The sorrow starting from September and increasing it in November is 911 pattern. 911 attack was the time of great mourning for the world, a time of remembrance and horror.