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the 3 days of cosmic warning of Matthew 16’s red skies. Separation refers to being set apart, and the Sabbath day is a day that is set apart. This colon therefore refers to the transformation of the barley brides, separating them from the rest of others.

SIN -> San Francisco, Israel, New York City

San Francisco is part of California, and there is a good reason why San Francisco is important to take notice, because this city in the sight of God is evil and wicked. Every citizen hates God in this city—they walk in their own ways, lust, and depravity; they try to glorify and adorn themselves, covering up their sins and their heart is far from God. This city hardens their hearts, and do not want to speak of God’s name. They are spiritually naked, wretched, and hungry. The sins of this city are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and this city will be abased and burned by God.

Tisha B’Av from August 13-14, 2016 is a Pi date, because of the numbers 13, 14 resembling 3.141 backwards. It is from Saturday to Sunday making the number 67 again, and this is linking Av 9 with Pi. EVE = 3Pi is actually decoded as 3 of 911, because Pi = 911 reading 3Pi as 3, 911. Why 3 of 911? The first judgment upon these 3 places will be at the beginning of the 3 days of cosmic event, and America will be hit with major earthquakes, and Israel’s temple may be hit. The second judgment upon these 3 places again will be in the midst of the 6 days of darkness; at the beginning of the 3 days of worldwide darkness, and this will be through the form of the 6th seal worldwide earthquake so severe that will move away every mountain and island out of their places. The third judgment upon these 3 places