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finally will be after the darkness according to Matthew 28, there will be great earthquakes. There are indeed a lot of threefold patterns in the bible.

California will possibly be hit by CERN, just as it was to Nepal as a warning to us. The headquarter of CERN locates in Switzerland, and Switzerland’s flag is a white cross with a red background. America’s red cross is a red cross with a white background, meaning disaster relief. This is saying that America will have no disaster relief, as Switzerland’s inverted color of the cross is the opposite meaning of America’s red cross. America’s red cross resembles a typical symbol of hospitals with a red cross with a white background. The color of red represents blood, and salvation of Christ in this context. Hospital is a place where mothers give birth to newborn babies. Hospital represents life, but also death at the same time, because it is a place where sick people would die. It is a temporal dwelling place for some, a place of healing from the doctors and nurses with medication and/or surgery, a place of emergency, and a building that often associates with the color white. The color white refers to purity, and righteous of the saints.

The cross symbol of the hospital is a plus sign in basic mathematics. The meaning of plus refers to “more”, and the word “exponential” means “of a rapid increase”. Just as in Matthew 27:59, the meaning of Joseph means “He will add” in the context of Jesus’ crucifixion! Now, this is the time to go through Euler’s number; a number that is exponential. The Euler’s number is a number representing Hanukkah.

October 2-4 will be the feast of trumpets/ Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah celebrates with an apple with honey and a shofar. The shofar is the ram’s horn,