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November, referring to the door that is connected with Genesis 7 and 8, which could refer to Tishri and Cheshvan that is in November, and October with November that happen to see the door twice. The first door is the First Call door to training in the heavenly realm, and the second door is the Matthew 25’s door to Rapture.

Revelation 18:2 mentions the word “fallen” twice, which is referring to the WTC that is fallen twice. WTC is about money, and the bible says that money is the root of all evil, since Revelation 18 mentions about riches, and also spiritual fornication. It talks of a “city” referring to New York City that is trade by sea, matching its description about the sea. Revelation 18:6 mentions of the word “double” thrice. This is 911 thrice; the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks. Israel will be judged in the coming days, in another words as the 3 Humbling Shipwrecks, because the meaning of Paul refers to “humble” and “small”. The pride will be humbled, and the bride will be exalted.

Revelation 18:2 refers to the World Trade Center aka 911 attack. Revelation 18 hits at 18:00 pointing to 6:00 direction of Elul, originally as September confirming September as the possible month of the start of 911 thrice. The code MN = 182, which is Pi itself decoded as 911, confirming the transformation is at the FIRST Paul’s shipwrecks and not in the midst of the 6 days of darkness mimicking Jesus’ burial after the 3 hours of eclipse, which was representing the 3 days of darkness in parts of the world. His burial would be representing the 3 days of global darkness.

Alphabet Greek Hebrew Multiplied
A 1 26 26
B 2 25 50