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Genesis 11 resembles the WTC because of the tower of Babel; the highest tower symbolizing WTC that refers to high places since it is a high tower. The mention of “from the East” could possibly refers to August that consists of Sivan and Tammuz, whereas Sivan originally belongs to the East direction. This chapter mirrors Revelation 11 about the 3.5 years of Great Tribulation, Enoch and Elijah who are the only two in the bible before the Rapture were translated to heaven without death.

November is the number 11, and could be seen as the number 2; the number is reunion and marriage. Just as the number 1 in roman numerals is I, so 11 is II = 2. Also, September 11 can be seen as September II as September 2 = October 2 due to the misalignment of the Jewish calendars, again confirming 102 minutes.

The two witnesses are 2 candle sticks, once again we see the number 11 as November relating to Hanukkah; the festival of lights and the miracle of oil. Revelation 11 mentioned of the second and third woes as 23:00 that points to 11:00 Shevat direction = November. This is the direction of February’s 7777 marker. It talks of the 7th trumpet as Tishri, and 24 elders as 24:00 midnight hour in November.

The water was turned into blood is referring to the marriage of the bride and the bridegroom in November, because Jesus turned water into wine proved that He is the source of life. Changing the water into wine offers a symbol of the new spiritual life Jesus brings from the old to the new. It is a symbolism of marriage, because the blood of Christ has redeemed His bride who is reconciled back with God. The water and blood were gushed out of Jesus’ side, and this was the PREGNANCY marker. Therefore, November is the possible month of the wheat brides’ transformation.