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Tenth Primary Basis: Genesis 5:24 of Enoch’s Translation

2015 was the ides of March for it points to 3:00 in God’s clock. It was the death hour of Jesus. It was marked as the end, because of the Pentecost that landed on May 24th, 2015 was perfectly matching Genesis 5:24; where Enoch was translated and taken away to Heaven by God. Enoch represents the Bride because she also walks closely with God. Enoch’s birthday is in Pentecost (Sivan 6-7), and his birthday is as the Bride’s birthday—being birthed into a new incorruptible body. The number 6-7 is a transformation code, for the number 6 is a fallen number, 7 is a perfect number.

There is the acceptable year of the Rapture that base on Genesis 5:24 marker in 2015. Even though in May was 5775, however there are two Jewish years in one year due to misalignment, which would include 5776 = 2015 as well. The Jewish year 5776 overlaps in 2016, making 2015 = 2016 the whole year. Therefore, 2016 is the acceptable year of the Rapture because 2016 and NOT 2017’s got 5776.

Getting 365 days forward by Genesis 5:23 lands onto May 22nd, 2016. Both dates were on the 4th Sunday as 7777. Viewing other years so far from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…, only 2015 consisted of May 24th Pentecost exactly matching the 67th birthday of Israel. The number 67th in 2015 is a super huge marker.

May 22/ EVE sits in the SAME family with November:

Gregorian Jewish
January Tevet
February Shevat