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March Adar
April Nissan
May Lyar
June Sivan
July Tammuz
August Av
September Elul
October Tishri
November Cheshvan
December Kislev

Note: February, May, August and November are in the SAME family

Fahrenheit Celsius
122 (= Av) 50 (Pentecost)
153 (great soul harvest) 67 (Elul + Tishri directions)
7777 (Sabbath marker) 4302 (Psalm 23:4)
777 (crucifixion) 413 (Pi code)

Nothing is by accident in mathematics and numbers that God has put together miraculously. The number 122 as explained represents the beginning of the end, and the number 50 is a Pentecostal number. This is further confirming Av as the time of Pentecost. The number 153 is the number of great harvest of fishes representing a great harvest of souls. This is connecting with the number 67 transformation code