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scorpions, and it is a chapter linking back to Revelation 6 that describes about the 6th seal. The word “Ison” means “disaster” in Hebrew as “Ason”. The sun represents the mother’s egg as both look alike, and the tail of the comet ison represents the sperm. This picture is describing a pregnancy period of 40 weeks, fitting into the 40 days’ pattern from August 22nd, 2016 to September 30th, 2016.

This event happened during the time of Hanukkah and thanksgiving back in 2013, and this was a marker showing that there will be disaster during the time of Hanukkah. Also, the time of thanksgiving is related to the Eucharist of the communion of bread and wine in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Hanukkah is represented by Euler’s equation; e = 2.718281828459045.

Month/ Date Description: 7777 Markers
May 24, 2015 Pentecost 4th Sunday 4 of 7 = 7777
September to November 2015 4 of Tishri = 7777
February 2016 Shevat occurs twice = 1111 = 7777
April and Nissan 4 of 1 = 1111 = 7777
May 22, 2016 Second Passover 4th Sunday 4 of 7 = 7777
July and Tammuz 4 of 7 = 7777
August 22, 2016 Two Thieves Pair of legs = 1111 on 4th Monday = 7777
December 25, 2016 Hanukkah Kislev 25/ Christmas on 4th Sunday = 7777

Sabbath means “rest” that refers to heaven where all burdens and hardships will be lifted off. The “rest” is a promise to God’s people into the promised land; Heaven. Isaiah 40:31 is a verse regarding the transformed body of a believer.