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Third Secondary Method: The Ten Commandments Analogy

August and Tishri create beautiful fireworks. November will be going back to August backward, and so as September. There was a purpose as to why there were 2 thieves beside Jesus during the time of crucifixion, but not 2 murderers, or 2 blasphemers, or 2 adulterers, or 2 idolaters, or whoever. The thieves were against the 8th commandment, and it is about stealing. This creates the perfect analogy of the Rapture of the Bride. Tishri is as the 7th commandment, it is about the marriage between the Bride and her Bridegroom Jesus that perfectly relates it back.

The Ten Commandments Analogy in the context of the Rapture:

  1. Idolatry
  2. Graven images
  3. Taking God’s name in vain
  4. Sabbath -> Heaven (rest, blessed, sanctified…etc.)
  5. Honor parents -> Obedience to God the Father
  6. Death -> Transformation (no death)
  7. Adultery -> Marriage
  8. Stealing -> Rapture*
  9. Truth -> Gospel
  10. Covetousness

The word “Paralambano” from the scriptures refer to the Rapture defined as “to take with one’s self”, and stealing means “to take; to remove someone/ something from a particular place, and to lift and raise to a higher level; picking up and moving to a