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3 Minor Tertiary Clockwork Methods in Details:

  1. Jewish calendar half cycle
  2. Enoch calendar half cycle
  3. Elijah calendar half cycle
Gregorian Jewish Month
April Nissan Month 1
May Lyar Month 2
June Sivan Month 3
July Tammuz Month 4
August Av Month 5
September Elul Month 6
October Tishri Month 1
November Cheshvan Month 2
December Kislev Month 3
January Tevet Month 4
February Shevat Month 5
March Adar Month 6

Note: #1-3 “demonstration” only

Just as the 7th day in the Jewish calendar is Sabbat/ Saturday in the Gregorian calendar. September is seen as the Sabbath, yet also the 7th day warning in relation to the worldwide flood. 1 month = 1 hour = 30 degrees = 5 minutes. Israel’s sunrise is approximately 6AM, which is pointing to September as the time of the bride being