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we run out of idea or for a specific purpose to relate Gregorian months together! Anyway, let’s still see the result of the equalize methods as well. It won’t hurt.

Clues so far:

Primary – August to November

Secondary – July, December

Gregorian Jewish
January Tevet
February Shevat
March Adar
April Nissan
May Lyar
June Sivan
July Tammuz
August Av
September Elul
October Tishri
November Cheshvan
December Kislev

Note: Second of the method – original Jewish calendar

Clues so far: 1) August-November 2) September 3) July, December

G J1 J1 J2 J2 J3 J3 J4 J4
9 12 1 12 / 12 1 12 /