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June Month 9
July Month 10
August Month 11
September Month 12
October Month 1
November Month 2
December Month 3

Note: Fifth of the method – original Jewish calendar with Rosh Hashanah method

Clues so far: Aug-Nov, Sep, Jul/Dec, Feb-May, Jan/Jun, Feb-Mar, Jan/May, Mar

Symbolic versus literal timing – below is the literal:

  1. Israel’s winter is from December to March, that means to be out of December to March
  2. Without rainfall in Israel is from June to September
  3. Spring is from March to June in Israel, wildflower season is February
  4. Green figs occur in April in Israel
  5. Grapes harvest is from June to September in Israel

Below is the symbolic:

  1. Israel’s winter can be seen as Adar to Sivan as the out boundary
  2. June to September can be seen as Elul to Kislev as the zero rainfall
  3. March to June could be seen as Sivan to Elul as the Spring quadrant
  4. April can be seen as Tammuz of the green figs season
  5. June to September could be seen as Elul to Kislev of the grapes harvest