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revisit the beginning that started with Pi and the number 3 in relation to our Redemption, and worldwide judgment, because the fall of Adam and Eve inherited the curse to the rest of the world. Pi will be explored as another separate basis.

The month of Sivan is to be taken with extra attention. Woe to the ides of March! Israel is always the gauge; therefore, it is actually woe to the ides of Sivan!

The ides of March is in March 15th every year. Counting 7 days preceding of this date is March 8-9, and forward would be March 21-22. The numbers 8-9 appear, and Revelation 22:21 (the last verse of the bible). The year 2015 is the ides of March, because it points to 15:00 and 3:00 at the same time, and it is equal to 2016 because of Jewish year 5776. This is referring to the numbers 8 & 9 are significant as the end of the end, and it could possibly be referring to months.

The significance of number 9/ Kislev:

This is saying that Kislev is backward a quadrant from Elul showing the significance of using Hanukkah in 6:00 direction. Hanukkah can misalign to November sometimes, but originally it mainly sits within December that starts with Kislev 24.

Result: not enough evidence to determine; continue to second primary basis