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Third Primary Basis: Matthew 25 + Exodus 12 Midnight Hour

The word “midnight” of Matthew 25 & Exodus 12 here is very significant, it means:

  • No time is left for the world—judgment comes now
  • The darkest before down
  • A turning point
  • Clock pointer points upward to heaven at 12:00
  • A new beginning for the world and the bride
  • The end of the chapter
  • The cleansing of the old
  • The morning comes; the light comes
  • The darkest of the night
  • When light meets the dark
  • Completion of something
  • The symbol X = 24 as 24:00 midnight (a symbol of transformation, death as of the Egyptians representing the world, Planet X Nibiru, X-axis pointing to 2015 at 15:00 death hour of Jesus as Sivan)
  • Many are asleep during midnight! Does it mean everyone are asleep? No. But, only a few stay up late during this time. As in the days of Noah, people ignored his warning of the flood. Just as today, many will be caught unaware of the end times they are in regarding the coming of The Lord Jesus, thus many lukewarm churches and sinners will be left behind.