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Cheshvan is from September to November originally, equally as June to August. November can obtain 3, 4 backward a quadrant to August. September could obtain August’s 3, 4 for Tammuz overlaps in both months that equalized them.

The markers of 911, 67, 1828, Pi, 666, 7777 from the code 3, 4

Gregorian Jewish – The Gauge
January Tevet
February Shevat
March Adar
April Nissan
May Lyar
June Sivan
July Tammuz
August Av
September Elul
October Tishri
November Cheshvan
December Kislev

June and July is the number 67; it is a transformation code, because 6 represents the fallen state and 7 represents the perfected state.

Alphabet Greek Hebrew
A 1 26
B 2 25