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Note: Pi reading backwards from 13, 14 is equally as 3.141

Pi as known as MN (13, 14 twice) in its exploded form I V I and I V readable by Romans numerals is 6-7 and 74 as 7777 readable as it is 4 of 7.

Romans Numeral Number
I 1
II 2
IV 4
V 5
VI 6
IX 9
X 10

The 6th and 7th commandments in Exodus 20:13-14 is a Pi. The 6th commandment is about killing, and the 7th commandment is about adultery. There is a reason for Pi as 67, because as Enoch who was translated without tasting death, and his name means “dedicated”. Thus, the bride who has kept her faith to her bridegroom Jesus until the end will not taste death through the transformation.

Gregorian Jewish* Addition Multiplication Repetitive
January Tevet 11 10 1111111111 / 10