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Here is an assumption—the possible motive behind this was jealousy, because Cain was jealous of Abel’s offering that was accepted by God, while he was rejected of his offering. This led Cain to murder Abel who was righteous in God’s sight. The murder occurred after Cain talked with Abel. Since Eve was specially hand-built by God, she was unlike any other creation that God has made during that time. Adam was not a female, and all the angels in the bible are in masculine form. Satan hated women the most, because of his curse, and that Eve was hand-built by God; not directly in the image of God who is a He. Although, both had the Spirit of God within them. Therefore, Adam might have talked with Eve, and twisted the word of God, where they eventually went into a downfall—the curse of death after the fall.

The scriptures only mentioned of Adam who were clearly told not to take the fruit to eat, but nowhere in the scriptures mentioned that Eve was told in this way. Adam was commanded by God in Genesis 2:16-17 when Eve was not formed yet. God emphasized in both Genesis 3:11, 17 the words “I commanded thee” to Adam personally about not to take the fruit of the forbidden tree. Did God told Eve the same words “I commanded thee”? Not even once! But Adam was told twice.

There is a deception going on today that since Eve was to be blamed for the fall, the hierarchy of men and women are not the same by having men being higher than women. What did the scriptures say? We are taught to esteem others higher than oneself, and that partiality is a sin—partiality includes gender discrimination is a sin. However, God gave “them” authority in Genesis 1:26. Eve was created from Adam’s rib by his side, this means they are equal. If not, then it would be from Adam’s foot.