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10:210 7 8 6 7 6 7 5 6
11:240 8 9 7 8 7 8 6 7

The number 120 represents worldwide judgment according to Genesis 6:3. The 150° lands on the 5th month; Av (122) representing the beginning of the end, because the bible started with Genesis 1 and ended with Revelation 22.

To recap: Genesis 7 and 8 are linked by 150. Genesis 6 and 7 are linked to 120. The number 67 is decoded as 3, 4 which November is flipped backward a quadrant to August, and so as September equals to August’s 3, 4 through Tammuz. July and August is Tammuz and Av, where September consists of both 4, 5. There will be two worldwide judgments, the first will be the worldwide earth quake called the 6th seal, and the second will be the Great Tribulation; a worldwide judgment. November consists of Tishri and Cheshvan matching Genesis 7 and 8, connecting back to Tammuz and Av of July to August through having the same 7th and 8th month.

The number 120 was mentioned in Acts 1:15; there were around 120 people in the upper room. This is showing that Pentecost is related to worldwide judgment. Pentecost is about the infusion of the Holy Spirit, thus using 2015 Pentecostal boundaries into Passover boundaries is necessary. Tammuz is decoded as 7777, because July and Tammuz together is 7, 4 as 4 of 7.

This is saying that Genesis 7 and 8 establish a connection through their identical number 150. There is a stark contrast between Genesis 7; the most intensive chapter about the worldwide flood, and Genesis 8 when Noah went out of the ark