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the most multicultural country in this world. The 4:00 line overlaps in several states of Australia including New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia and Northern Territory (5 states), except Victoria. Otherwise, between Tammuz and Av as 4:00-5:00 would be including Victoria and Tasmania.

There was a large earthquake in Valentine’s Day during February 14, 2016 in Christchurch. Does it signify that Christ and His church will be married in 2016? Same sex marriage is legalized in New Zealand—once again relating to Genesis 9.

Lamech means “to make low”, and it is referring to the number 12-21 decoded as Luke 14:11 that those who exalt themselves shall be humbled, and those who humble themselves shall be exalted. The 9-11 terrorist attack and Genesis 3 works together with the number 12-21, because WTC1 was first hit, then WTC2, and WTC2 fell first, then WTC1, also Adam the first formed was spoken to first from God, then Eve the second formed, and Eve was judged by God first before Adam was judged.

Genesis 5:31 – 3Pi = 9.42477796077

And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died.

The Eastern Pentecost in 2015 was on May 31st. It is by no accident that there were two Lamech mentioned in the book of Genesis. Counting the generation of Lamech, the bad Lamech of Genesis 4 lands onto the number 6 as the 6th descendent of Cain. The good Lamech of Genesis 5 lands onto the number 8 as the 8th descendent of Seth. The number 68 could mean several things—firstly, 68 is decoded as 911