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one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

There were gay parades in Israel and San Francisco all concentrated in June, therefore the month of June/ Sivan is very important to take notice. Every time when Israel partake in this abomination in God’s Holy Land, judgment came swiftly upon this nation. The one in 2015 was on June 12th, and the one in 2016 was on June 3-5th. San Francisco had the LGBT parade in late June, and it is the biggest LGBT event in the nation of United States. The first Pentecost in June 12-13th, 2016 was for a reason, because back in June 12th was the time when Orlando’s gay club was attacked with mass shooting as one of the worst terrorism in America. There were 50 dead including the perpetrator, which is a Pentecostal number. This was showing that there will be judgment coming being linked to a Pentecostal boundary.

Genesis 9 mentioned of the rainbow echoing to September, and rainbow is 180° from land’s view where 6:00 is pointing at, and a full circle from sky’s view at the same time. The rainbow is related to Pi, because Pi is a circle. There are 7 colours in a rainbow; by paint mixing method of the colours of rainbow result black, and by light mixing method result white. This is showing when the dark meets the light, just as West meets the East, according to Psalm 103:12 our sins are forgiven as far as from the East is from the West. This is symbolizing the 6 days of darkness for the world, and the bride will experience lights in the days to come.