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7th seal is interesting; this is the seal referring to the Rapture. The 7th seal refers to Tishri; the Jewish seventh month. Revelation 8 mention of this confirms that November is flipped backwards to August for reference. The number 1828 refers to the 3 crosses as explained, and this is referring that just as Christ died and rose to Heaven, the bride follows this same pattern. Euler is pronounced it as “oiler” is for a reason referring to Hanukkah, which is the festival of the miracle of oil.

The Fall Quadrant – E = 2.718281828459045

The number 459045 is a fall number, because on the wheel at 45 minutes’ direction points to 9:00, and another 9:00 by September is at 6:00 running at 90 degrees’ angle. This fall quadrant exactly outlines the boundary of Egypt, as you can see the world’s map behind the wheel. This number refers to the fall of the world via the coming Great Tribulation, because Egypt represents the world. This is saying that all these events of transformations are to happen within the fall quadrant from 6-9 o’clock. September and November would be 6-8 o’clock matching this. The fall season is not just the season of Autumn, but is to be seen as the literal fall of men.