I’ve dedicated into this Pentecostal research as led by The Holy Spirit for a little more than one year. There is an overwhelming amount of evidences, signs and confirmations pointing to the years 2015-2016 as being significantly Pentecostal. This book will walk you through a journey to understand about late August and late September significance, as the possible season of The First Call transformation and The Rapture, as known as the Barley Harvest and Wheat Harvest respectively.

It is all about patterns. Just as Jesus was transfigured after the 3 days of burial, the Barley Brides will be seen transformed after the 3 days of worldwide darkness. Just as Jesus had a 40 days’ ministry before His ascension to Heaven, this pregnancy pattern of 40 days will occur again in this final generation before the Rapture.

There will be some events that must occur before the Rapture to happen. California will possibly be hit by CERN, and this will kick off the 3 days of warning with the skies turning into red globally according to Matthew 16. Within this short time before New York City will be hit, it will be the warning for the people to stay indoors for safety, and the Barley Brides will be transformed. Then Israel will be hit.

There will be 3 days of darkness in parts of the world that will run simultaneously with the 3 days of warning according to Exodus 24, and the 3 days of worldwide darkness will come after this according to Matthew 27. During these 3 days of warning, the brides will walk 3 days in her transformed bodies to help the people around her before the First Call. In the midst of this timeframe, the sixth seal will come in the form of a worldwide earthquake according to Revelation 6, and Jesus will call by her name to walk through a door to the heavenly realm for a 7 days training and feast face to face with Jesus during the time of the 3 days of worldwide darkness known as the sign of Jonah where God will pause time.

The spiritual realm will be lifted off, just as the veil of the temple was torn apart after the death of Jesus. The 3 days of worldwide darkness will be completely pitch black, just as the Israelites who were not able to see one another when they had their 3 days of darkness. The 3 days of worldwide darkness will be the time of the salvation of millions of souls to be saved. The Lord Jesus will visit every one upon the face of the earth, give them a life review and a chance to repent to Him as their Lord and Savior. There will be great earthquakes after this event according to Matthew 28.

The transformed Barley Brides will then receive their new assignment to harvest the Wheat Brides on the earth, and many will be pulled straight out from the pit of hell before the Rapture and Marriage Supper of the Lamb that will shortly come after, and the Great Tribulation to commence. This is just a brief picture of what is to come, because only The Father knows the complete picture.

Hope this book blesses you… Jessica (SparrowPi7)